• Multi Module Attach
  • Die Bonding
  • Soft Solder Die Bonding
  • Flip Chip
  • Leadframe Plating
  • Connector Plating
  • Solar Cell Plating
  • Film / Foil Plating

As Packaging process system, Besi offers 3 categories,

  • Molding System
  • Trim & Form System
  • Singulation System

Besi has the world’s top share of molds for packaging processes. By applying module base system and common software platform, we can also design production lines that go beyond the three categories. Besi propose optimal solution for your packaging process design based on requirements from the customer.

Wafer Molding

Fico Molding Line

Fico original mold technology flexibly supports wafer molds, lead frame molds, substrate molds and any specifications

Model :

  • Fico Molding Line

Fico Molding Line (FML) is a transfer molding machine for wafers and large panels. We offer a fully automatic type according to customer specifications and a manual type suitable for R & D. Up to 12 inches of wafers and panels up to 300x340mm.


Wafer molding, Exposed die wafer molding

Lead Frame/Substrate Molding

AMS Series

Compact and High Performance Transfer Molding System for Leadframe and Substrate

Model :

  • AMS-i
  • AMS-W
  • AMS-LM
  • AMS-X (Coming soon)
AMS-i (AMS-X is under development) as a lead frame molding system, and AMS-W and AMS-LM as substrate molding system. Each type is either fully automatic type or manual type, and top foil type is also available.


Mold under fill, Exposed die molding, Multi layer substrate molding, Selective, molding, Dual side molding, SOP / QFN / QFP leadframe molding, Power semiconductor molding

Trim & Form

Fico Compact Line Series

Responding to diversifying process requirements by combining miniaturized modules

Model :

  • Fico Compact Line
  • Fico Compact Line-X
  • Fico Compact Line-P
The Fico Compact Line (FCL) series is a trim and form system for lead frames. We offer FCL-P as the latest model for power semiconductors and FCL-X for high-density and wide lead frames.
With the combination of small modules, which is the only one concept, we propose the optimal device configuration for customers.


SOP / QFP / QFN leadframe trim and form, Power semiconductor trim and form


Fico Sawing Line

High-precision sawing and high process capability achieved by feedback control from inline vision inspection

Model :

  • Fico Sawing Line
We offer Fico Sawing Line (FSL) as a sawing system for BGA, QFN, wafers and a wide range of products. The compact and smart equipment design, the user-friendly operation screen, and the design of jigs and systems that allow easy product changeover have earned a solid reputation.


BGA substrate sawing, Wafer base module sawing, QFP / QFN leadframe sawing, Wettable Flank (step cut), EMI shielded substrate sawing

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