• Molding
  • Trim and Form
  • Singulation
  • Leadframe Plating
  • Connector Plating
  • Solar Cell Plating
  • Film / Foil Plating

As Die Attach process system, Besi offers 4 categories,

  • Multi Module Bonder
  • Epoxy Die Bonder
  • Soft Solder Die Bonder
  • Flip Chip Bonder

which keep evolving by equipped high end technologies to meet ever-growing semiconductor applications.

Multi Module Attach

Datacon 2200Evo Series

Compatible with various applications by flexible equipment configuration

Model :

  • Datacon 2200Evo plus
  • Datacon 2200Evo hs
  • Datacon2200Evo advanced
The Datacon2200Evo series is a flexible multi-module assembly system that can provide optimal proposals for various customer requirements such as high precision, compactness, flip chip, special applications, etc.


Camera module bonding, LED module bonding, HDD module bonding, Special Shape module bonding, Glass die bonding, Tape&Reel feeder bonding, Heatsink bonding, Jet dispense under fill, Sintering

Die Bonding

Esec 2100 Series

High performance and intelligent die bonder

Model :

  • Esec 2100hs, hsi
  • Esec 2100 sDplus, sD advancedi
  • Esec 2100 sDPPPplus
The Esec2100 series is a high-speed and high-precision die bonder based on the epoxy die bonding 2100hs series and the stack die bonding 2100sD series. It has continued to evolve as a more intelligent device, such as an auto-adjust function to minimize the influence of quality on operators.


Ag paste leadframe base die bonding

Soft Solder Die Bonding

Esec 2100DS
Esec 2009 Series

Designed to meet all future challenges for Power Semiconductor

Model :

  • Esec 2100DS
  • Esec 2009SSIE
  • Esec 2009fSE
Esec2100DS is highly regarded as a flexible and high-speed solder die bonding platform for high-end production sites.
The Esec 2009 series is the only soft solder bonder on the market that can process 12 inch wafers, and also it can secure a market advantage with patented soft solder process technology and .


Soft solder leadframe base die bonding (SOP / QFP / QFN etc…)

Flip Chip

Datacon 8800 Series
Esec 2100FC hs

A platform that can offer optimal proposals for requirements such as TC bonding, WL-FOP face-down, face-up, and so on.

Model :

  • Datacon 8800TC advanced
  • Datacon 8800FC Quantam advanced
  • Datacon 8800FC Quantam sigma
  • Datacon 8800 CHAMEO advanced
  • Esec 2100FC hs
Datacon 8800TC advanced is a TC bonder that enables high-precision bonding with a unique 7-axis bond head and can meet the advanced requirements of high-end products.
The Datacon 8800FC Quantam series achieves even higher speeds, and the Datacon 8800FC Chameo series is constantly pursuing diversified applications such as WL-FOP processes and large panels.


Flip chip bonding, Wafer to Wafer (WtoW) bonding, Chip to Chip (CtoC) bonding, Large panel die bonding, VCSEL die bonding, TC Bonding

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