• Multi Module Attach
  • Die Bonding
  • Soft Solder Die Bonding
  • Flip Chip
  • Molding
  • Trim and Form
  • Singulation

As Plating process system, Besi offers 4 categories,

  • Leadframe Plating
  • Connector Plating
  • Solar Plating
  • Film / Foil Plating

Besi plating system is equipped with original belt transport system for continuous plating. Based on histories and experiences over 30 years as plating system supplier, Besi offers plating system which has high performance and great stability and also has benefits for cost reduction of plating materials and water consumption.

Lead Frame Plating

Meco Plating Line

Fully automatic continuous plating system with original belt transport system

Model :

  • Meco ACP
  • Meco RTR Ag
  • Meco EDF/EPL
As plating equipment for lead frames, we offer the standard model Meco EDF / EPL, Meco RTR Ag for silver spot plating in reel-to-reel configuration, and ACP that enables high precision silver spot plating by mask and exposure.


Semiconductor leadframe plating, QFN / QFP leadframe spot silver plating, Wettable Flank plating

Connector Plating

Meco Connector Plating

Spot plating for a wide range of requirements

Model :

  • Meco Connector Plating
We offer reel-to-reel type continuous transfer plating system for spot plating of connectors.
This is an eco-friendly device that can minimize the plating material used to meet the low cost of products.


Connector spot plating

Solar Plating

Meco Solar Plating

The world’s only continuous transport solar cell plating system

Model :

  • Meco DPL
  • Meco PPL
  • Meco RTR Solar
  • Meco CPL
We provide the continuous solar cell plating system Meco CPL that applies the continuous transport system of Meco EDF / EPL , Meco DPL (Direct Plate Line) for multi-layer plating of Ni-Ag, Ni-Cu-Ag or Ni-Cu-Sn, Meco PPL (Panel Plate Line) compatible with panel base and Meco RTR Solar for flexible CIS / CIGS film plating.


Solar Cell plating

Film and Foil Plating

Meco FAP

Plating system for film / foil supply such as RFID antennas and flexible substrates

Model :

  • Meco FAP
This is a Meco FAP (Flex Antenna Plating) system that applies our unique continuous transport plating system to RFID antenna films, flexible printed circuit boards, and copper clad laminate (CCL).


Flexible board plating, Film plating

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